Harps, like anything else, need a little care from time to time - anything from replacing an intricately carved harp arm or re-gilding, to a simple re-tune.  We can do whatever it takes to restore your harp to ‘good as new’ including replicating it if it’s in such condition that it cannot be repaired.

Spare sets of strings are offered for each of our harps in the 'Options' section of your shopping cart.  We are an authorized Vanderbilt Music Company distributor and can fit your harp with top of the line gut, nylon, steel, or flurocarbon strings.  Some of our harps, like the Limerick, can be fitted with either nylon or steel and in different ranges.  We can provide whatever strings you need.  See Strings.

We currently install Camac or Universal Levers and can supply Truitt, Loveland, or Jordan upon request.  See Levers .

You can read all about Tornavoz rings in our Blog.  Bottom line, when properly sized, shaped, and installed, they form the sound produced by your harp into a wave that can be directed.  This allows for the selective amplificaiton of bass, mid-range, and high end.  It just makes a small harp sound really big without losing the bass.

We offer high-end pickup systems using K & K Sound Systems transducer pickups.  You can choose between a dual head pickup or a tripple head pickup. Each of the transducer heads is tailor-made to fit its defined frequency range.  I don't believe there's a better system out there.

You may find that a Travel Bag and/or Wheels will help you transport your harp from gig to gig.  
We offer padded travel bags and wheels sized for your harp.

See your strings and music when ambient lighting is low.  These LED lights are installed under the harp neck and provide a beautiful backdrop and show off your harp whether you're playing or not.  They are battery operated and are not hot.  A/C adapter, remote control, and dimmer are available.

Current pricing for Accessories is displayed in the 'Options' section of your shopping cart.
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