New Double Strung Harp on the Workbench

We're engaged with a client to build a custom, double strung harp and it all starts with the soundboard.  It takes about a month or so to harvest, saw, and kiln dry the lumber we will use in constructing the soundboard so I've ordered early in the project so it will be delivered just about the time we're ready for it.

The pictures are of Brent Cole Sr, founder and owner of Alaska Specialty Woods.  Mr. Cole is cutting a 'round' from this beautiful Sitka Spruce log.  Then, he will quarter saw the round and slice the quarter into slats we will use to craft the soundboard.  This particular round is very fine and is heavily figured wood known as 'bear claw'. You can see the beauty of it in the closeup.  

Mr. Cole has been cutting soundboards of Sitka Spruce for almost a quarter of a century and getting the very best possible pattern from the wood grain is an art that he's mastered.

I'll post more about this project.
            Brent Cole Sr, Owner, Alaska Specialty Woods                                          Beautiful Bear Claw Sitka Spruce
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