Get a HARP &  Learn to PLAY it !

​If you're just beginning, you may want to rent a harp rather than make a large initial investment.  You can rent one of my 22 string Celtic Honey harps for as little as $30 per month with 100% OF YOUR RENT APPLYING TO THE PURCHASE of any harp that I make when it's time for a larger harp. 

          In plain terms, you get a free starter harp. 

You'll want to learn what they are and where they came from, and the different types and styles and how they're made.  You could get a harp and teach yourself how to hold it and how to make music with it.  All of that is exciting when it's new but trial and error takes a lot of time and you may develop habits that actually limit your playing ability.  Learning to play a harp correctly is just as important as picking the correct harp to play. 

​Learning to play really well is like learning other activities; you'll need coaching and practice. A qualified harp teacher could be the best investment you make to assure you will develop your skills so that you can play comfortably, confidently, and give joy to those that listen to your presentations!

​Your harp teacher is your Music Coach. If you're just getting started with harp, your Coach can help you pick a harp for the style of music you want to play and guide you in your learning process so that you develop good playing habits that allow you to play anything you want to play.  If you already play but are looking to enhance your playing ability,  Your Coach can share the tips and tricks that will help you kick it up a notch or two!  

​You'll be able to find qualified harp instruction in the following links.  If you're looking for a harp teacher in the Greenville, South Carolina and surrounding areas, I've been working with a couple of accomplished harpists that are looking for students; please give me a call and I'll hook you up! ​​