A harp without levers must be tuned to the key you want to play in.  So if you tune your harp in C, then you can play in C.  If you want to play in D, you'll need to tune your F and C strings to #s.   Levers allow us to add semitone control so our harp strings are capable raising the notes they are tuned to one half tone, a semitone. This gives you the freedom of playing in different keys without all that retuning!

This table below allows you to explore adding sharping levers to any harp we make and perhaps upgrading one of yours!   Whether your harp is old or new, adding levers will allow you to explore a much greater range of music.   ​​

We are offering 'lever packs' that offer a place to start with additional keys.  Look at the table as it shows you which notes are required for each key, and how many levers are required for each harp model.

We've divided these lever packs into a logical progression of additional keys so you can start off with the F/C Lever Pack to play in keys C, D, and G.  When you're ready, you can add the G Lever Pack so you can play in C, D, G, and A.  Later, you can add the D Lever Pack to play in E.

​If you want to start with full levers, the Full Pack is available.
If you already have partial levers, our pricing per lever, is as follows - we charge $30/hr install & tune (estimate 15 min/string labor):

Camac         18.00
Truitt           16.90
Loveland      15.50
Universal     13.50
Rees            13.50
​Jordan           7.50

​​ Table of LEVER PACKS showing keys and number of levers required by harp model.
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