​​Levers are like the black keys on a piano so you can have semitone control.
Each string on a harp can play one note and for most harps, this is the natural note.  We can install levers so you can produce sharps and flats; this gives you semitone control, e.g., put the F and C levers up and play in the key of D.  Lever harp charts are available for down-load so you can set your levers for almost any major and minor key.  See Tuning .

We currently offer levers in complete sets for harps we build so you can take full advantage of semitone control and play almost any music you want.  So with our harps, you either get one with or without levers.  Consider this pricing; you might as well go 'full boat'.

UNIVERSAL levers are durable metal, easily installed and adjusted, suitable for nylon or steel strings, available in black or gold tone, and one size fits all.

CAMAC levers are top of the line, heavy duty metal, sized specifically for each string according to your harp's stringing chart.  They are available in standard silver with dark nickel or gold plating available for an extra $2.40/lever.  CAMACs come with matching bridge pins;  matching tapered tuning pins are available for $4.94 each.

                        STRINGS                         CAMAC           UNIVERSAL

                           38                     434.18         419.90
                         36                     411.26         397.80
                         34                     388.42         375.70
                         31                     354.14         342.55
                         29                     331.30         320.45
                         26                     297.07         287.30
                         22                     251.33         243.10 

Levers On   Key of   Key of   Key of   Key of   Key of   Key of   Key of  Key of  
Strings          E          A          D         G          C          F         Bb      Eb          NOTE
    A                                                                        A UP     A UP    A UP         Bb

    G          G UP     G UP                                                                G UP      G#/Ab

    F           F UP      F UP     F UP     F UP                                                         F#

    D          D UP                                                                  D UP   D UP      D#/Eb

    C          C UP      C UP     C UP                                                                     C#​

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