​This is a legally binding agreement between _______________________________________, the Renter, and VAVRA Harp, the Owner, that defines terms, fees, delivery, use, maintenance, and return of a harp musical instrument owned by VAVRA Harp.  ​The Renter agrees to make nine payments of $_________ USD on or before the last day of each month from ___________ to ___________ with the first payment due on delivery. 

This instrument has been inspected by the Renter and the Owner and is in ________ condition.  The Renter is responsible for all shipping to and from VAVRA Harp, and, the instrument must be insured during transit for its full replacement value of $_____________ USD.

This instrument is in the possession of the Renter who is responsible for its care and maintenance from delivery to return.  Should the instrument become unusable because of defects in materials or workmanship, VAVRA Harp agrees to correct any defect(s) or replace the instrument, at our discretion, without charge or additional rental fees.  The Renter agrees to pay for repairs necessary because of misuse, physical damage, or damage to wood or finishes resulting from temperature or humidity.  The instrument is delivered with new strings; the Renter agrees to maintain the strings and replace broken or worn strings with strings of the same type, diameter, and tuned to the same pitch. The instrument will be inspected on its return and the Renter ​agrees to pay for any and all repairs required to refurbish it.  ​​​The Renter agrees to pay the full replacement value of the instrument if the instrument is not returned at the end of the rental period.

​Rental instruments cannot be purchased.  VAVRA Harp agrees, that if the Renter chooses to surrender the instrument in exchange for a new harp crafted by VAVRA Harp, the price of the new harp will be reduced by the amount of rental paid, not including repairs, of the rented instrument.
Serial Number:

State – Zip:
​Mobile Phone:
​​Payment method:
(Visa, MasterCard, PayPall, no cash, no check)

Agreed to on by , and by Charles R. Vavra, VAVRA Harp.
Signed:  ______________________________ and _______________________________

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