​​With strings, it's the material, spacing, tension, and pluck (length to tension ratio).  We can install your preference of string material including GUT, METAL, NYLON, or CARBON or a mix of these.  

VAVRA Harp is an authorized  Vanderbilt Music Company distributor and provide their top of the line Classic Gut or Nylon, and Bass Wire strings in full sets as replacement strings for harps we build.  You may request Bow Brand Gut, Bow Brand Concedo, and Burgundy Gut, Savarez Gut, Savarez Alliance KF (fluorocarbon), or Savarez Nylon strings; request a quote.  

The following table shows pricing for complete sets of replacement or 'spare' strings.  
Please visit Harps (our store) where the upgrade pricing is shown in Options for each harp you select.

                STRINGS                  GUT                NYLON 
                  38                     451.92              167.03

                  36                     440.47              162.96
                  34                     428.37              158.24
                  31                     403.06              105.62
                  29                     383.80                88.36
                  26                     324.57                72.76
                  22                      234.31               47.26

Our full sets come with String Ends and genuine leather String Anchors.

For individual strings, please visit Vanderbilt and tell them 'VAVRA Harp' sent you!  
And, you may also have an interest in Vanderbilt and Lyra Publications. Check them
out while you're there!
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